Expert Market Insight comprises a team of strategic thinkers and creative doers dedicated to helping companies develop clear communications and effective marketing strategies that drive sales performance and revenue.

We help you:

With Expert Market Insight, you get:

Blended consulting and marketing services

Our consultative approach to strategy and hands-on approach to execution delivers real results that help you:

Agile, virtual team

We work closely with your team, taking on strategic and day-to-day activities that bolster marketing performance and accelerate company growth.

High-tech focus

EMI analysts have deep understanding of the high-tech industries we serve, and how to build business models that work and create value. 

How we work with you

EMI expertise and experience can help you build a strong brand and drive business results.

Discovery and Analysis

Every EMI engagement begins with getting to know your company and growth aspirations. We analyze your business, competitors, audience, and emerging industry trends. We interview key stakeholders and conduct interactive workshops to refine your value proposition and unique selling points.


Per your well-defined plan, we prepare and implement the many moving parts of your marketing campaigns– content, digital, social, PR and more. All channels are managed with synchronized precision and with the agility to respond quickly and creatively to changing landscapes.

Strategy and Planning

At the end of EMI strategy and planning sessions, you will have a well-defined business plan, product offering, positioning, value proposition, buyer personas, and competitive analysis so everyone is aligned with marketing messaging, strategy and goals.

Measure. Evaluate. Improve.

EMI helps you launch marketing campaigns with measureable KPIs to determine the level of success. Our proven feedback loop helps you measure, evaluate and improve marketing results with every campaign.

Leverage some or all of EMI marketing services

Strategic Blueprint

Perfect the business vision and mission of your company; the value that you bring to the market; and how you intend to deliver it.

Value Proposition

Clear understanding and articulation of the market need that your products and services fulfill, and the unique selling points of your brand.

Content Creation

Create easily consumed content for every stage of the buyer journey - from demand generation all the way to customer testimonial.

Sales Enablement

Develop tools and collateral to educate and empower sales and customer-facing teams, so their performance improves along with your bottom line.

Digital Marketing

Get hands-on assistance in building and leveraging digital marketing technologies to drive innovative marketing campaigns that deliver results.

Market Analysis

Know your competitors and the value they offer. Identify market trends and emerging business opportunities for all players.

Global brands, innovative start-ups, and technology movers and shakers have partnered with Expert Market Insight to drive marketing value and results.