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Case Study

industrial automation and cyber

"We had squandered a considerable amount of time searching for the best candidate to lead our marketing team before we were introduced to EMI. They quickly made up the deficit with their industry knowledge, best practices, and multi-skilled team. They had us going in the right direction in no time at all."

CEO, Industrial Automation and Cybersecurity
industrial cybersecurity

Project Deliverables

Industrial Automation and Cybersecurity

Company provides solutions in the industrial cybersecurity and automation space.

Starting Point

Unplanned staff changes resulted in a lack of marketing leadership and replacement proved difficult. Finding someone else uniquely qualified to put into that C-suite position was proving to be a challenge.  The business was challenged by waning brand awareness while marketing efforts were at a virtual standstill. 


The client’s goal was to start its journey from a “Passionate Startup” toward a recognized industry leader, playing on the same level as well-established corporations. This required a unique approach that involved not only a revamp of the brand and strategy but also an education campaign aimed at industry influencers. 

The Route

In order to gather the information needed to map out possible strategies, our analysts conducted a thorough examination, getting a comprehensive view of the company and the entire industry.  

Review and Analysis

Interviews and Workshops

Plan and Execution


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