Recalculating the Strategic Direction

Case Study

  • Revenue had slowed, needed a new plan for success
  • Conducted a 360 review of the business & industry
  • Identified new value-creating opportunities
  • Delivered a clear call to action and plan of attack

"This process was intense and rewarding. The end result provided us with clarity and a renewed sense of purpose. This undertaking has had a profound impact on the way we see and how we conduct our business."

CEO, IoT and Automotive Cybersecurity

Project Deliverables

  • Business Model Generation
  • Marketing Strategy and Value Proposition Guide
  • Product-Line Business Case
  • Competitive Analysis Program
  • Persona Development
  • Actionable Marketing Plan

IoT and Automotive Cybersecurity

Company provides cybersecurity products and services to the automotive and Industrial ecosystem

Starting Point

The client had hit a growth plateau, having been an early industry leader, they now found themselves playing catch-up in the face of increasingly stiff competition.  Management knew it was time to take make some changes and was looking for a clear path forward. 


To return to growth and market leadership, the company crucially needed to redefine its purpose, reassess its playing field, and create a well-defined and articulated value proposition. Their previous experiences with consulting companies had convinced them of the necessity for a partner that would not simply present a plan and disappear but instead would work alongside them, facilitating the decision making and enabling the implementation of the strategy. 

The Route

In order to gather the information needed to map out possible strategies, our analysts conducted a thorough examination, getting a comprehensive view of the company and the entire industry.  

Review and Analysis

  • A full review and analysis of the industry, market forces, and environment revealed that the client was not focused on the correct target or personas within the value chain.
  • Exploration of the positioning, threat level, business models, and alternatives showed that there were several technological approaches to solving the same problem and that the market had not yet decided the winner.
  • A strategic study of external data revealed the impact of regulation and compliance indicated that how competitors and customers would react to current and pending regulations/compliance mandates would have a critical impact on our client’s goals.
  • A deep dive into the current business model, company positioning, messaging, technology, and product portfolio revealed several gaps in the current strategy.

Interviews and Workshops

  • Several interviews were conducted with key internal stakeholders, customers, and channel representatives to facilitate the review and analysis. External sources confirmed the suspicion that the value proposition was not clear, and that while the client company was once seen as an agile, technical leader, the shine had worn off.
  • EMI analysts led a series of internal workshops with management and key stakeholders to foster agreement on the current state of the company
  • Guide the client through the delicate process of redefining and reaffirming the high-level strategy for the company
  • Discuss the various business model alternatives, rejecting many and accepting a few for further development
  • Make the tough decisions based on credible research and data

Business Model and Action Plan

  • The most viable business model was accepted and refined. With the final business model in hand, our analysts created a detailed strategy document, value proposition, and messaging guide. Additionally, our marketing strategy team put together a detailed plan to implement the strategy - including monthly, quarterly, and yearly milestones with well-defined KPIs. The plan was presented to and agreed upon by management and investors.


  • Stakeholder agreement on a company vision, mission, and goals and alignment across internal teams
  • A definitive set of strategic guidelines with clear messaging and positioning applicable to everyone within the company and beyond
  • A well-defined marketing execution plan to implement the change of direction with performance analytics and KPIs for agile, real-time decision making
  • The investment of capital in the correct activities

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