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"This was the most professional product launch I have ever been a part of. The task of keeping the product, sales and marketing teams focused on the goal was not simple, but these guys made it look easy. From strategy and modeling the market to delivering sales tools and content, the EMI team really delivered!"

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Project Deliverables

Enterprise Cyber Security as a Service

Company provides a cloud-based solution for securing corporate email

Starting Point

The client provides cloud-based security products and works closely with OEM customers. The company needed help launching a new product offering to enterprises. Although they are an established company with a strong track record in selling indirectly and to SMB, this was their first major foray into the direct-to-enterprise market. 

The business functions as an “agile startup” within the parent company. Consequently, the team lacked the in-house resources that could deliver marketing strategy and subject matter expertise experience required for ramping-up the new business direction. Their product offering was already being tested and was showing great success among early adopters. However, the enterprise security market is a crowded field, where it is difficult to stand out, even with a great product. Getting customers onboard and using the platform would be crucial to a quick sales ramp-up.


To ensure a successful launch, all teams would have to be ready to hit the ground running. To achieve this, they would need an understanding of what made their product different, with clear USPs, and a single, unified message, right from strategy to purchase order. 

They wanted a consulting and marketing agency to analyze the market and make sure they had the perfect positioning and messaging to break through all the noise. To achieve this, the agency would need to work closely with all stakeholders to understand their needs, walk their walk and talk their talk. The goal was to put the right tools in the hands of marketing, sales and presales.

The Route

Developing the Value Proposition

The first step was to gain a complete understanding of the client and their stakeholders, to inform the strategy. 

Constructing the Sales Playbook

Once the positioning Value proposition had been approved, a sales playbook was designed to provide the sales and customer-facing teams with a play-by-play guide on pitching and selling the new product. This included:

Ready to Launch


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