Tuning the Lead Machine

Case Study

  • Quality and quantity of leads were in steep decline
  • Conducted series of workshops and interviews with global teams
  • Identified and analyzed gaps in process and skill set
  • Delivered a clear action plan and tool set

"The team at Expert Market Insight have a unique blend of talents, all of which were required for this undertaking. I wanted an agency that would focus on the root cause and not vanity metrics – this was essential for creating long-term value in the region. They over-delivered!"

Regional President, Additive Manufacturing

Project Deliverables

  • Persona Development
  • Customer Journey Guide
  • Lead Scorecard
  • Regional Action Plans
  • Team Workshops and Training
  • Content Calendar
  • Team Management Strategy

3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing

Company produces products and sells in a wide variety of verticals across several continents.

Starting Point

The client suffered a sustained decline in the number and quality of marketing-generated leads delivered to sales in the APAC region, resulting in a decrease of revenue.  The regional President tapped us to investigate the source of the problem and determine a new course of action. The problems discovered were a wrong approach culturally, remote team disconnect, and lacking skill sets.


The client wanted to put in place a lead-gen machine that would put the territory back on track. The client targets verticals across the region (Aerospace, Automotive, Consumer Products, Dental, Medical, etc.). The sales teams and channel partners across the region are dependent on the flow of high-quality leads to make their numbers.   

The Route

To gather the information needed to discover and address the challenges the company was facing, our analysts approached the project in three phases. 

Data Collection

  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Workshop with corporate marketing assets
  • Regional marketing and sales team interviews and workshops (Japan, China, Korea, India)
  • Review of current tactics and establishment of desired outcomes

Gap Analysis

  • Identify gaps between the current state and defined outcomes
  • Asses the rift between marketing and sales team
  • Prioritize the problem areas and the improvements to be made
  • Review market/country specific criteria such as local buying culture, go-to-market strategies, and social media channels

Recommendations and plan

  • Presented the key findings & recommendations
  • Published an agreed (sales/marketing) definition of MQL
  • Created demand generation, lead scoring and nurturing program
  • Delivered campaign plan and content per country and vertical
  • Defined the KPIs, metrics and the team management process
  • Provided MarTech Resource training


  • Quality of sales leads have improved resulting in a higher and faster sales conversion rate
  • Increase in sales across the APAC and Japan region
  • The regional resources and clearly defined KPIs and metrics have enabled the marketing teams to focus on what matters
  • Healthier regional-corporate and Marketing-Sales alignment

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